I create web sites for a variety of organizations.   Here are some current ones.


CHS Reunion WebLinkThis is an example of a site that is more than just an information site.   It allows attendees to a reunion to sign in.   Full notification of sign ups goes to the participants as well as to the organizers of the event.   Also identification of all registered participants is available.   Other forms allow individuals to communicate information to the committee



This Logois an example of a site that includes a shopping cart.   In this case, the selected items are very limited, but it does complete a creadit card transaction.


FirstTeeLogoThis site is an example of support for  an organization that wants information to be available for an event, but registration to remain via  paper forms, which is suitable for an event such as this golf tournament.



This Paradeis a site coveying basic information.   Interaction with the customer is through forms that are downloaded, printed, and mail.   This choice was made because the organization needs a signed liability release.

This site is significant IFL_Iconbecause it provides a basic menu structure and flow, but with the ability for the content of each page to be maintained by someone else.   This management includes the entry of calendar items and an automatically generated calendar.


Like the preceding siteMuseumIcon, this site was developed as a basic structure with the intent that an individual would edit content, particularly on the home page to represent the current activites of the museum.   The design also includes a calendar system, where individual entries can be made, and the calendar can be displayed as a grid or as a list.  The system also includes an integrated newsletter system.

Operations Web Site Icon


Still under development, this web site has the goal of coordinating DG and district Schedules for a Rotary District for the year 2018-19